Bishop A. R. Whittaker
1231 Michigan Ave.
Monroe, Michigan 48162
I am convinced that this is exactly what is beginning to appear in a number of
places, in the US and across this globe. Everywhere there are men and
women who are hungry for a powerful move of God.
In 1988 the Lord revealed to me, what I can only describe as a Tidal Wave.
When I questioned the Lord about the meaning of what I saw, He began to
explain to me that, "
This is the way my Spirit is going to sweep across the
nations in the Last Days.
For Victory Temple this move began when our Administrative Bishop introduced the 21 day fast, in January of 2008. I am not aware
of how many of our Churches participated in that fast, but nearly every member of Victory Temple participated on some level.
Revival broke out about the time we ended the fast, and it was evident to everyone.

Since that time, we have had over 150 saved, 52 sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. We have baptised 82 in water, and have
received over 140 new members into our local fellowship. During this same time, we have seen a number of marriages, that were
in the process of divorce, that have been totally restored. We are presently seeing a number of major healings, and the Holy Spirit
seems to just keeps on moving among the Spiritually hungry!

In January of 2014, we will begin another 21 day fast. I truly believe that our fast this year is going be usher in an anointing that will
bring with it, divine manifestations of God's Glory. We invite you to come and be a part this wonderful event.

If this outpouring hasn't come to your local church yet, I urge you to Cry out to the Lord to choose you as a place where this
outpouring will fall. And  be assured that this is the constant prayer of Victory Temple Church of God,  "
Lord let the sparks of this
fire fall on, and ignite every church in Monroe County, and in every Church of God congregation across this state."
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What's missing in Heaven?